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Everyone deserves a beautiful love story

I am an avid reader, and one of my favorite genres is YA. I think there is something really special about the time of discovery, learning who you are, gaining independence, having epic adventures, friendship, and of course first love. In reading YA books of many sub-genres, I have found several that have great LGBTQ+ characters, but they seem to typically fall into the best friend, sidekick category. I believe that everyone should get to see themselves as the main character or hero of a story, and everyone deserves a beautiful love story.

I also found inspiration in a recent show about a small sort of backwoods town where one of the main characters is pansexual. The show is very careful to never have homophobic or negative reactions to that, and it made such a big impact on so many. I wanted that feel for my series, and I think showing family support is so very important.

So with lots of love, and big mom hugs, thank you for reading!


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