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Exciting News & First 2 Chapters of Talons of Love

Talons of Love will be coming out on April 11th, it's getting so close now. If you've read Bound in Fire, I know you are anxiously waiting to find out what happens after that cliffhanger ending.

Here's a little gift as you wait these last 2 weeks for the book to come out. I have the full first 2 chapters of Talons of love below. Don't forget you can pre-order the ebook so it arrives ASAP to your kindle.

If you do pre-order, don't forget to sign up for FREE SWAG PACK, just a little thank you gift

I have some super exciting news to share too. Of Heart and Wings is currently being produced as an audiobook. I just finished listening to the first round of audio files, and I am just super happy with how it's coming along. I found the perfect narrator to bring Raiden and Egan to life, and I just can't wait to share it with you all. I hope to have release news soon for OHAW's audiobook.

Thanks for all your love and support, I'm pretty sure I have the best readers there are ;)

With love and big hugs,


Chapter 1


We were wrong. We were so wrong.

A throbbing pain in my head stirred me awake. Everything hurt. I couldn’t figure out where I was or what happened. The last thing I remembered was telling Raiden I had reached the border where the three realms met. He had stayed back at the castle, and I’d been testing how far our communication reached. Did I hear from him after that? Where was I?

I remembered getting hit with something while I was flying. I’d been hit, and entangled in...what? What grabbed me and pulled me out of the sky? I tried to call out to him, but my head started spinning with pain, I felt nauseous. My eyes were squeezed tight. I tried to force them open but with no luck. I could feel that I was in her form, but that was all the information I could piece together.

The ground beneath me was cold and hard, like a solid slab of rock or marble. The air felt heavy around me. Cold, everything felt cold. Normally, it wouldn’t bother me, I had enough internal heat from her fire within to keep me warm in the coldest of night skies. I inhaled to scent what I couldn’t see. As soon as the smell hit my nose, it broke through whatever force was keeping my eyes closed and they flew open. What I saw through her eyes...I shook my head in horror. I didn’t want to believe it was real. The overwhelming sorrow and anguish of it made my stomach churn. I felt her heave and shudder.

The smell was putrid, of waste and rot and something else that burned like acid in my nose. I had to try to close off her olfactory sense in order to keep from losing anything that might be in her stomach. I knew that was something I couldn’t afford, that I would need whatever strength I had. I forced myself to survey my surroundings, as I gazed between thick metal bars.

Chapter 2


I don’t know how long I sat with my arms wrapped around my knees, and my father’s arms around me as I rocked and sobbed. My father, King Rodick, held me, Prince Raiden, heir to the throne, victor in battle, as tears flowed endlessly. I couldn’t form the words to explain what happened, or even why I knew something had happened. Still, my father held me and stayed with me. He whispered reassurances that we would find Egan.

I had a vague recollection of yelling Egan’s name, which had brought both him and my brother, Kairn, into my room. I kept rubbing the tender scar over my heart that had been made as part of the ritual that bound myself to Egan. I screamed his name inside of my mind as well as out loud. Worry and fear filled Kairn’s face as he watched me break apart.

My father rubbed my back until I eventually ran out of tears. I was numb, I felt completely numb. Egan and I had just been communicating through our bond, we were able to speak to each other mentally when he was in his dragon form. Everything was fine one minute, then the next, he was gone. I thought about the pain that I had felt in my back and shoulders; it was his pain. What happened to him? Where did he go?

The connection was still there, it was faint, but it was there. Egan was still alive, he had to be. I remembered when he explained the bonding ceremony, he said if one of us were to die, it would feel as if half of the other’s heart was ripped out of their chest. I hadn’t felt anything that severe, I had to remind myself that was a good sign. It was the absence of his voice and the thread that was so faint I barely felt it, that had thrown me into deep and utter anguish. The relief that he was alive was short-lived as I wondered what had caused his pain and what kind of state he was in. Egan, the man I loved, he was my everything and I couldn’t handle the thought of something happening to him. My heart hurt in ways I had never felt, even more than when my mother passed away five years earlier.

“Raiden, my boy, tell me what’s happened.” He had been asking me for a while, but now that I was spent from the sobs and the terror, his pained words finally reached through the fog. I sniffed and breathed in deeply, trying to collect myself.

“I...I don’t know exactly.” My voice was hoarse and the words croaked out of me. I kept rubbing the scar above my heart. I could feel my father watching the movement, I hadn’t told him about the bonding, there was no way he could understand why I felt the loss of Egan’s presence bone-deep.

“How do you know something happened?” His words were soft and calm, I knew he was trying to keep me level, to keep me from falling over the edge again.

“We...we’re connected, Egan and I.” I tugged the collar of my shirt down to show the still red, puckered scar from where Egan had sliced my skin open with a talon. My father and Kairn both stared with wide eyes. “It’s a dragon ritual that binds two hearts together. It lets us communicate when he’s in dragon form and it lets us feel what the other feels.” I stopped and stared past my brother who sat by the foot of my bed. I stared through the open windows, out into the night sky, to the stars that had been our witnesses. It had only been a few days since we completed the ceremony, but already it felt as if he had always been a part of me. The quiet, the absence of any feeling from him, it felt like a hole deep within me, a void, a canyon cracked wide open.

They both sat and waited, I’m sure what I said left them with a plethora of questions, but they were waiting for me to continue. “He went out flying, but I was too tired.” I should have gone with him, I should be with him right now, wherever he was. “We were talking through our connection, we’re able to hear each other speak in our minds. He was talking one minute, then something happened, and he was just...he was gone.” I shuddered and closed my eyes as I said the words.

“You don’t think he’s…” I looked up at Kairn, he had tears welled up in his eyes, ready to burst free. He couldn’t bring himself to say the word we were all dreading.

I shook my head slowly. “No...I think he’s alive. No, he has to be alive. At first, I was so afraid I couldn’t even think. But, I would have felt it...I would know if…” I drew in a sharp breath. I couldn’t say it either.

“We’ll find him, Raiden. Egan is family, and we’re not going to stop until he’s home. You hear me?” I sniffed and leaned into my father. I nodded my thanks, not trusting myself to speak.

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