Signed Copy of Bound in Fire

Signed Copy of Bound in Fire


War is coming.


One way or another, the outcome will forever change the Sixth Realm.


Egan once thought his life would be marked with loneliness and invisibility in order to protect the fact that he’s actually a dragon, until meeting Prince Raiden. Now, he’s thrust into a world he never imagined he would be a part of. He's willing to find his place in Raiden’s world to be with the man he loves.


As prince, Raiden feels the weight of the impending battle and the lives of his people in peril. Everything hangs in the balance. He finds hope, strength, and refuge in the love he has in Egan and wants to cherish every moment while they can.


When the day arrives, Raiden and Egan march to war. Two soldiers bound together, bound both with duty and love.

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